Astrology software

Astrology is a pseudo-science which attempts to make predictions about worldly events and people’s day to day lives through interpreting the supposed influences of the position and motion of celestial bodies, principally the sun, moon and planets. Today there is astrology software to aid people interested in doing this.

Astrology software is vast (although not a hard and fast rule, obviously depending on the astrology software you purchase) and comes in three types of programs:

  1. Calculations
  2. Interpretation or report writing
  3. Research

Astrology software packages are able to create precise and enlightening interpretations and thereafter provides a function for you to print these astrological reports. The majority of astrology software is user friendly, powerful and can calculate and integrate astrological charts with high astronomical accuracy and professional quality. There are a variety of options to choose from - house systems, zodiacal reference etc...

Before purchasing your astrology software, you will have to define your needs in order to see what you want it for and what you would like to achieve. The top priority is to ensure you purchase a well-crafted program. Ensure you understand the product descriptions, feature lines, screen shots and read the professional reviews. Majority of astrology software will give a detailed astrological report, including interpretation help for each symbol present on the chart.

Astrological computations such as birth charts, chart comparisons and prediction methods can all be carried out through the relative calculation software programs. After completing all your tasks it is then possible to print out all your chart wheels, tables, maps and graphs that you have created.

Reports can be created for interpreting or report writing, that describes birth charts, compatibility, vocation or any other astrological topic you may think of.

We can then divide research software into an additional two categories:

There are different price ranges of variations of astrology software that can be purchased for all of the above types, also ranging in advancement, so it is very dependable as to what level you are at. Majority of astrology software is designed to run under DOS or windows, so always ensure it is compatible with your PC.